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Buy with Confidence and Experience the Benefits of Buying Land through America’s No. 1 Online Land Auction

Established over 12 years ago as a clearinghouse for unimproved land, Government Auction is proud to be the innovator of online land auctions in the U.S. We are not a government agency, but our land for sale comes from tax sales and foreclosures from various county and state government agencies.

As a result, all the land available through our online surplus auctions is guaranteed to have a free and clear title and value pricing. Additionally, our land for sale comes with no credit checks, no qualifying financing, and low down and monthly payments.

Why Choose Government Auction

We’ve eliminated the traditional hassles of buying land by creating a seamless bidding and buying process through our live online land auctions. From farmland and undeveloped, raw land to hunting and mountain properties, Government Auction has the widest selection of premium quality land for sale, starting at 0.25 ac to 640acs.

Because Government Auction acquires such large volumes of both government surplus and other property, we can purchase at incredible prices and offer it to you at sometimes up to 60% savings vs. other like properties in the marketplace. We specialize in offering a variety of properties that fit the needs of novice, first-time buyers, experience land investors, and corporate clients. Most of our buyers are simply people who want to make a solid investment in buying land, and online auctions make it easy.

Experience the Top Benefits of an Online Land Auction

While it may be a new experience for most land buyers, online auctions provide a welcome alternative to the traditional model of purchasing properties. Here are some of the top benefits of buying land through our live online auctions:

Buyer-Determined Pricing

Because land listings on our auctions are value-priced, the buyers determine the bid and how high your individual bidding will go. For some pieces of land, bidding can get competitive. But the nature of an online land auction allows you to bid only the amount that you want.

Confirmed Seller Commitment

Once we list a property on our auction, it is ready for sale. That means you won’t be dealing with any last-minute uncertainty from the seller. Instead, the property owners are motivated, prepared, and ready to sell to the top bidder.

Land Diversity

Due to the extensive land diversity available through our auctions, you'll be exposed to land types outside your regular scope and geographic location. Use filters to search different land types and areas to find land for your next hunting getaway or camping adventure with the family. All of our listings are for top-quality land throughout the United States, so you aren’t limited to one area like you might be in traditional land buying through a local real estate agent.

No Long Negotiation Periods

An extensive negotiation period with a seller is a frustrating pitfall of the traditional land buying process. Our online land auction eliminates this situation entirely. You will never have to worry about stressful and time-consuming negotiations. What you see is what you get.

Expedited Closing

If you want to avoid a lengthy land sale process, the online land auction experience delivers. The nature of the auction minimizes the closing period and gets the deed in your hands much sooner. You will even know the buying and closing details and dates upfront, so you know what to expect every step of the way. 


Our live online auction is completely transparent. You will be notified if you are the highest bid, so you can formulate your offer. Our process levels the playing field so all buyers are operating with the same land information and bidding simultaneously. Fair and square.

Bring Your Dream of Land Ownership to Life

If you have dreamed of owning land, online land auctions can help you make that dream a reality. At Government Auction, we are in the business of connecting buyers from all backgrounds and income levels with a fair and rewarding land buying experience.

Some of our buyers are looking for off-grid land to escape the chaos of the world around them. Others are seeking the perfect property for hunting, fishing, RVing, or camping. We encourage our buyers to envision the features of their ideal property and implement our easy-to-use filters to search for that piece of land they once thought was out of reach.

When you buy land through Government Auction, here’s what you can expect:

  • Widest selection of land types
  • Properties ideal for investment, recreation, hunting, off-grid living, and more!
  • Properties from 0.25ac to 640acs
  • Absolutely no credit checks—we don’t even look at your credit report.
  • Guaranteed financing—anyone can bid and buy.
  • Down payments as low as $100
  • Monthly payments start at $149

A Better Way to Buy Land

There’s a land buying revolution in the making. With Government Auction, it’s no longer necessary to secure a real estate agent and get prequalified for a land purchase. Land is available throughout the United States and purchasing your piece of paradise is easier and more affordable than ever through our online land auctions. 

Our innovative land auctions enable you to streamline the property selection and buying process, so you can close on your ideal property sooner and with less hassle. Not only is the process easier, but you can have access to a tremendous amount of land diversity in any state at value-based pricing.

Through our user-friendly site, you can research the property and place your bid. Government Auction simplifies the entire process. With just a few clicks, you can become a proud landowner.

Our live online land auctions take place every Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Visit GovernmentAuction.com to create an account, log in, and bid on your dream property.

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